About Our Microgreens

Our microgreens are grown indoors at our urban farm and home. We have built a clean climatized grow room that is dedicated to microgreens and we use vertical farming methods to maximize how much we can produce in that space.
We are not certified organic but we do follow the same strict organic protocols. We use organic non-GMO seeds, an organic growing medium, and we don’t use pesticides or fertilizers of any kind.

We plan to apply for official certification in near future.
Live microgreens will taste best if they are harvested within 2-4 days after they are received otherwise they will start to grow past their prime and taste bitter. For more info see How to Keep Microgreens Alive

Cut microgreens can be stored inside a sealed container in the fridge where they will keep for another 1-2 weeks. For more info see How to Store Microgreens
One tray of microgreens will be enough for approx. two servings to use for sandwiches, salads, smoothies, etc.
We recommend rinsing freshly cut microgreens to remove any coco coir that may have been pushed up into the leaves as they were growing, or leftover seeds hulls. For more info see How to Clean Microgreens
For care instructions for live microgreens go to How to Keep Microgreens Alive
For tips on how to store cut microgreens go to How to Store Microgreens
No, microgreens can only be harvested once.

Order & Delivery

Microgreens are available for purchase through our online store with next day delivery Monday thru Friday.

Yes! We offer next day delivery within Peterborough every Monday thru Friday. You can choose a delivery date and time when checking out.

Delivery is free when you spend $15, and $3 for smaller orders.

Curbside pick-ups have been suspended at our Victory Drive location.

We added new delivery times to hopefully accommodate your schedule, however if are outside our delivery area or would just prefer to pick-up your order, please contact us to make special arrangements.

You can order using a credit card or PayPal through our online store.

You can also pay with crypto by selecting the Coinbase option at checkout, which accepts Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and DAI.

Send us an email for an application form. Once reviewed you will be sent a link to set up your account and password.
Wholesale pricing is available for orders of 10 or more individual trays of any variety of microgreen. We can also sell you microgreens in bulk in traditional 10" x 20" flats or half sized 10" x 10" flats. Custom delivery dates can be requested for orders of 25 or more individual trays, or 4 or more full sized flats.
Yes! Please email us to request a wholesaler application form and once your account is set up you will have access to view all of our pricing.
Please email or call us with your order directly. We plan to launch a separate wholesale shop so you will be able to purchase online soon.
E-transfer, credit card, and PayPal are preferred. Established wholesale accounts can arrange 30-day payment terms.
Free delivery is available within the city of Peterborough and the surrounding area. We can arrange delivery anywhere within a 300 km radius of Peterborough. Please contact us to discuss.