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About the Farm

Peterborough Microgreens is an eco-friendly urban farm committed to providing our community with year round access to locally grown microgreens. We also operate under the name Victory Greens outside of the city.

We are a business built around environmental sustainability. We are proud to be one of the only microgreen growers in Canada to use plastic free packaging and green energy to power our facilities. We are also one of the founding members of the Peterborough branch of Green Economy Canada an organization focused on helping business reduce their carbon footprint.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Peterborough Microgreens has been committed to creating an environmentally sustainable business model since day one. Minimizing our environmental footprint as we grow our business is a core belief to our personal and professional values.

Here are some examples of how we fulfill our sustainability commitment
Peterborough Microgreens | Victory Greens
Plastic-Free Packaging
We package our live microgreens in eco-friendly plastic-free packaging that is completely biodegradable and can be composted in a backyard composter.
Peterborough Microgreens | Victory Greens
Green Energy
We use Bullfrog Power to grow our microgreens; a Canadian green energy provider who sources electricity exclusively from wind and low-impact water power producers.
Peterborough Microgreens | Victory Greens
Neutralized Emissions
We work with Ecodrive to give our customers the option to plant a tree for .65𝇍 and offset their order's carbon emissions. Customers can choose to opt in at check-out.
Peterborough Microgreens | Victory Greens
Water Consumption
Microgreens use 80% less water than full sized vegetables of equivalent weight. We plan to install a rain collection system in Spring 2022 to help conserve more water.
Peterborough Microgreens | Victory Greens
No Food Waste
Unsold microgreens are offered to the Second Harvest Food Rescue program which redistributes nutritious food to local food programs, shelters, and food banks.
Peterborough Microgreens | Victory Greens
Local Suppliers
We support Canadian companies. Most of our supplies are purchased from local businesses and if we can't find something locally it is always purchased from a Canadian supplier.
Peterborough Microgreens | Victory Greens


Stephanie Hendren

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In March 2020 Stephanie started growing microgreens for friends and family during the first COVID lockdown. Seeing the huge demand for fresh produce that could be delivered contact free to your door, she started a small business selling pea shoots through social media.

In September 2020 she was accepted into the first cohort of the Innovation Cluster’s “Women Breaking Barriers” business accelerator and mentorship program, which helped her launch Peterborough Microgreens in January 2021.

Our mission is to grow healthy food that is accessible to every member of our community while serving as an example for plastic-free and environmentally friendly food production


The Green Team is a small group of microgreen lovers who give feedback on our microgreens in exchange for free and discounted products. Click for more info or to apply.


We are always interested in working with restaurants/personal chefs, and social media influencers in the Kawarthas. Message us on social media to talk about cross-promotion opportunities.