Top 5 Broccoli Microgreen Recipes

04 November, 2021
Need some ideas for how to use broccoli microgreens? Here are 5 creative recipes featuring them. Click to browse our full 400+ recipe collection on Pinterest. 1. Caprese Salad Remix by Hamama A simple appetizer...

What Are Broccoli Microgreens?

04 November, 2021
Broccoli microgreens are 7-10 day old calabrese broccoli seedlings AKA: Micro Broccoli DESCRIPTION: 2” - 3” tall, 1 set of green heart shaped leaves, white stem, fuzzy root hairs, delicate FLAVOUR PROFILE: Mildly...

What Do Microgreens Taste Like?

03 November, 2021
Microgreens taste great! There are over 100 varieties to choose from so you can almost certainly find a microgreen that you like! Here's a list of of some of the common and not so common varieties and their flavo...

How to Store Microgreens

02 November, 2021
Cut microgreens can be kept fresh in your fridge for up to two weeks if stored properly. Here’s our best tips for how we store microgreens so they will stay fresh for as long as possible! 1) Rinse microgreens...

How to Keep Microgreens Alive

02 November, 2021
You can harvest living trays of microgreens as needed for several days to enjoy the freshest product possible, and like most living plants they will need a bit of water and sunshine to survive. Read more for deta...

Microgreen Recipe Ideas

02 November, 2021
Microgreens can be used in a wide range of homemade foods and gourmet cuisines. Below is a list of ways to use microgreens in recipes. Our microgreen recipes collection has over 400 microgreen recipes. Click belo...
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