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What Are Radish Microgreens?

07 December, 2021
Radish microgreens are 7-9 day old daikon or red radish seedlings. AKA: Radish Micros, Rainbow Radish DESCRIPTION: 2” - 3” tall, 1 set of heart shaped leaves, white or green or white stem, green or dark red leaves...

What is Wheatgrass?

10 November, 2021
Wheatgrass are 7 day old wheat seedlings. They are typically used to make green juice. AKA: Wheatgrass Microgreens, Wheat Sprouts DESCRIPTION: 4-5" tall blades of dense green grass FLAVOUR PROFILE: Grassy and...

What Are Pea Shoot Microgreens?

08 November, 2021
Pea shoots are 7-10 day old snow pea or shelling pea seedlings. AKA: Pea Microgreens, Micro Peas, Pea Shoots, Pea Tendrils, Pea Tips, Dau Miu DESCRIPTION: 6” - 8” tall, 2-3 sets of green leaves, green stem...

What Are Broccoli Microgreens?

04 November, 2021
Broccoli microgreens are 7-10 day old calabrese broccoli seedlings AKA: Micro Broccoli DESCRIPTION: 2” - 3” tall, 1 set of green heart shaped leaves, white stem, fuzzy root hairs, delicate FLAVOUR PROFILE: Mildly...

What Do Microgreens Taste Like?

03 November, 2021
Microgreens taste great! There are over 100 varieties to choose from so you can almost certainly find a microgreen that you like! Here's a list of of some of the common and not so common varieties and their flavo...

How to Use Microgreens

01 November, 2021
Microgreens are available in a wide variety of flavours and textures making them quite the versatile little superfood. We've compiled a list of 7 ideas for how to use microgreens at home. 1. Garnish Microgreens...
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