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Microgreens: Health Benefits

07 November, 2021
A collection of research studies and articles detailing the incredible health benefits of microgreens. This page is updated regularly so bookmark it for future reference! Are microgreens good for you? Are microgr...

Top 5 Broccoli Microgreen Recipes

04 November, 2021
Need some ideas for how to use broccoli microgreens? Here are 5 creative recipes featuring them. Click to browse our full 400+ recipe collection on Pinterest. 1. Caprese Salad Remix by Hamama A simple appetizer...

What Are Broccoli Microgreens?

04 November, 2021
Broccoli microgreens are 7-10 day old calabrese broccoli seedlings AKA: Micro Broccoli DESCRIPTION: 2” - 3” tall, 1 set of green heart shaped leaves, white stem, fuzzy root hairs, delicate FLAVOUR PROFILE: Mildly...