How to Use Microgreens

How to Use Microgreens

Microgreens are available in a wide variety of flavours and textures making them quite the versatile little superfood. We've compiled a list of ideas for how to use microgreens at home.

1. Garnish

Microgreens are a commonly used garnish in the restaurant industry. Colourful red radish microgreens and pea shoots with their curly tendrils make beautiful additions to any dish.

2. Main Ingredient

Microgreens are more than just a garnish. They make a great featured ingredient as well. Microgreens can be used to make pesto or as a lettuce substitute for salads, and some varieties can be steamed like spinach to make delicious side dishes. 

3. Add Flavour or Texture

A handful of microgreens can significantly change the taste of a dish. Try adding mustard, radish, arugula, and cress for some spice, or sunflowers and pea shoots for some crunch. Need something sweet? Try popcorn shoots!

4. Hide Veggies

Microgreens have 5-40 times more nutrients than full sized vegetables so incorporating them in traditional recipes can be a good way to get kids to eat more vegetables. Try hiding chopped microgreens in pasta sauce, tacos, and eggs to increase their nutritional content.

5. Smoothie Booster

Microgreens should be a staple ingredient in every smoothie. To maximize their nutritional benefits they are best if consumed immediately after being harvested. They can also be used to make frozen green cubes for homemade smoothies.

6. Green Powder

Microgreens can be dehydrated and blended into a powder along with other healthy ingredients. Green powders have a much longer shelf life than live microgreens 

7. Animal Feed

Some pet owners feed certain varieties of live microgreens to their house and farm animals as a healthy treat for their pets. Broccoli has multiple health benefits for dogs, cat grass is a treat for cats, and chickens love using microgreens as fodder and scratch pads.