How to Keep Microgreens Alive

How to Keep Microgreens Alive

When you receive your living microgreens they are ready to harvest. You can cut the microgreens as needed for several days to enjoy the freshest produce possible, but be careful not to let them grow for too long though or they will become bitter and chewy.

Keep reading for our best tips on how to keep your microgreens alive before harvesting them.

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1) Find them a home

Your microgreens are ready to harvest the day you receive them, but if you're not ready to use them quite yet you can continue to grow them on a sunny windowsill, or preserve them in your fridge.

Sunny Windowsill / Kitchen Counter: Store your microgreens in a sunny spot if you're planning to eat them within 24 hours. The sunnier the window the better!

Fridge: If you're want to preserve your microgreens for another 2-5 days you can slow down their growth by storing them in the fridge (see Step 4)


2) Water daily at the roots

Water daily with room temperature water. Keep the grow medium damp but not soaked.

★ Make sure your microgreens are on a water resistant surface or a plate to prevent water stains.


3) Harvest as needed

Gently pinch the top of the microgreens and use scissors or a sharp knife to cut handfuls at the stem approximately ¼“ above the dirt.

Clean microgreens to eat / store


4) Preserve them in the fridge

You can slow down microgreens' growth rate by storing them in the fridge. This should make them last another 2-5 days days before they need to be harvested.

Make sure you store them on a middle shelf, away from the coldest part of the fridge and away from fridge fan airflow. Petite microgreens varieties like clover and cress are especially sensitive to the cold.

Don't forget they still need to be watered when in the fridge!

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